Money freaks me out!

So I was in the shower the other day thinking about money, pretty much like I do most every minute of every day. Stressing about it, worrying if there is enough, wondering where it’s going to come from, and how much more is accumulating because of interest.  It was during my shower, being a wife and mother it’s about the only “alone time” I get, that I stared to wonder why does money make me so anxious? And is this affecting my overall view on money and debt?

The long and the short of it is..…yes, money terrifies me and it totally affects how I view money, how I earn money, and how I spend money. So how do I turn this around?  I made a decision that day in the shower that I am no longer going to be scared of money and let this debt control my life! My husband and I are in charge of our money and we are going to start making our money work for us and take control back of how our money comes in and how it goes out!

All that being said…..we absolutely SUCK at budgeting!!! We sat down and had a money talk yesterday and realized that one of our biggest expense categories “food” is a huge downfall for us. We do make a budget but we always end up grabbing more than what’s on the list, or making way too many trips and basically blowing our grocery budget out of the water.  So, we came up with what I think is a pretty genius solution! We get paid every Friday so what we are going to do is take out our weekly grocery budget in cash every week and put it in a jar, that way when we go to get our groceries we only have whatever cash is available to us from the jar.  If we don’t use all of that weeks budgeted money then it just rolls over into next week. My ultimate goal is that this will hopefully force us to plan better, make more reasonable choices, and not go overboard on the things that we don’t really need but just plain want.

Another budgeting problem that we have is that like most typical Americans in our situation, if we make more money we find a way to spend more money. Back in May I was able to get about an $8000 per year raise and sure as shit, man did we find things that we really “needed” to buy this summer and things the kids “needed” to have this summer…..jeez, no wonder we are in such a bad mess lol. Any who I interviewed for a different second job that pays WAY more than the previous one and my husband and I have decided to open a second checking account with a different bank and have all of the earnings from the second job go into that account. We can’t spend what we can’t see right? Since we can pay all of our bills and, thinks to my raise, put extra money into debt payments with our primary incomes the second account will be used only as income to go straight to paying off debt.

I guess the moral of the story is that we definitely aren’t perfect…not even by a long shot!  But we need to stop living in fear of the almighty dollar and start making that little bastard do what we say! I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way to get yourself out of debt, but I do know that trying something is better than doing nothing and keeping your head in the sand.

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