April 2017 Goals

Budget goals

Travis and I sat down and hashed out a budget for April and let me tell you….we sure do have very different opinions of wants vs. needs lol. Since making a budget is so new to us we really wanted to stick with the theme of changing our bad habits, so we were pretty dramatic and slashed our spending by about $1100. One of our goals is to be able to get our spending down to the point where we could live off of one income and throw the other income directly at the debt to get it gone as fast as possible. It’s a pretty powerful feeling to have control over your money and to get to decide what goes and what stays.

I’m not going to lie; it took us a really long time to figure out that we really didn’t “need” certain things…..like cable TV (RIP SyFy channel).  Although I have to admit so far it has been really nice without cable! We still have Netflix, Hulu, and of course the internet…but I have found that I am so much more productive now and it saved us $75 per month! Instead of sitting around Saturday morning watching my dvr’d shows from the week, I got up, went for a walk, made breakfast, and cleaned the whole house.

In addition to cutting expenses, budgeting, and paying off debt, we are also really taking a look at the stuff we have and getting rid of all the things we don’t need and that’s just taking up room in our space. It is amazing how much crap we have! I used to think that we needed a bigger house but we really just had to much stuff lol. We are piling all of the things that we don’t need or want into the garage so that we can have a garage sale in June and hopefully make a little more money to throw at the debt. My kids are actually pretty excited and are doing a great job going through their toys and clothes.

Second Job

So far the second job is going really well! In April I really want to make as much extra cash as possible without severely disconnecting myself from my family. I also just learned that we are down a few staff at my main job so I might try to see if I can sneak some over time there as well 🙂

Additional goals due to unexpected side effects of budgeting

So I went to the doctor on Friday which was 3/31/17 for a follow up visit from the end of February and when I stepped on the scale I had lost 12lbs in a little over one month! The nurse and Doctor where both like “what did you do?” I told them that we changed our diet by cutting out restaurants, fast food, and snacks and eliminating sugar (we did this because it literally bans everything bad that we don’t need). I already knew that my husband had lost weight…an amazing 30lbs! Most of that weight I would suspect came off due to the no sugar or soda and being more active.

So what’s the goal you ask?? Well to keep it up of course lol! In order to spend more quality time with the kids, whilst not spending money needlessly, we are doing family walks at night and going to the park which has been so much fun. I also have been walking to pick my daughter up from school so that we can walk home together and really talk about the day. All this walking and being outside has really lifted my mood and made it a whole lot easier to process this huge mountain of debt we have to climb.

Well here’s to April 2017! I’m pretty excited to keep this ball rollin and paying off this debt! And as always, if you have any tips/tricks/or advice I would love to hear it!

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