Monthly Progress Report #1

March 2017

I want to start posting monthly progress reports mainly to keep us accountable but also for something we can look back on and see exactly what steps worked and what steps did not work.

Ok so let’s start with what changes we made this month that worked:

I got a second job. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant so it’s pretty easy for me to find flexible work around my area and the pay is pretty great too! I work full time as a CNA for a local Hospice and picked up a part time gig at an Assisted Living Facility nearby.  I pretty grateful for the flexible hours of the new gig because I really hate being away from my kids and this allows me to pick up from 5pm to 9pm so I can still be here when everyone gets home in the afternoon.

We were already living with mom but decided to stay. We had already moved in with my mom a while ago but my husband and I really soul searched and came to the conclusion that we need to be able to pay off this debt fast so, with mom’s ok, we decided to make ourselves comfy and stay with the promise that we will always be moving in the right direction.  Truthfully, as embarrassing as it is to live at home with your parents my mom was living alone in this big house and is really enjoying the company and having the grand kids around all the time! I am someone who pretty much grew up without grandparents and it’s really a neat feeling watching them interact with her on a daily basis. Not gonna lie……it’s really nice to not have to call a sitter when Travis and I are both working 🙂

Made the decision to sell the house. I mentioned in a previous post that we came to this decision and ultimately I feel like it is the right one. We are not in a good spot to be landlords and if something major ever happened to the house we would not be able to come up with the money to fix it. This decision actually makes me feel pretty good and we will be getting a hold of a Realtor in April to get it listed.

Cutting back expenses like eating out and making a food budget.  Ummmm…….did I mention how much we suck at this??? We definitely have differing opinions of wants vs. needs but hey, at least we are talking about it! We have stopped eating out completely and have given ourselves a grocery budget. We are planning our meals and shopping lists ahead and making the most out of our Costco membership…Yay Costco! We are also meal prepping for the week and are not making meal exceptions if someone decides last minuet that’s not what they want.

Started our debt snowball. There is absolutely no instant gratification in this lol! But it’s so nice to have a plan and figure out where to start we are on our way to paying off credit card number two!

OK and now for what didn’t work….or more accurately what hasn’t worked yet.

Trying to save $1000 for and emergency fund. This is not going well at all. I remember telling Travis the other day that I feel like we were not meant to have a saving account with money in it lol. Every time we get close something comes up like repairs or new bills or my daughter’s surgery that she had in March! The surgery wasn’t unexpected but some of the bills that followed were. That being said, we are sticking to our guns and shooting for $1000 savings in April.

Also, I would like to add being away from my kids… It’s not that it’s “not working” as much as I just hate it. I know that working to get this debt paid off is the best thing we can do for them in the long run but man I sure do hate not being there to tuck them in at night.


Debt Pay Off Progress report

So we paid off Paid off $626.77 in debt in March………… 😦 this is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. We really have paid off somewhere around $2500 in total debt since Dec 2016 and I think I’m going to make a page on this blog with a running total of debt reduction along with the monthly updates.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Progress Report #1”

  1. Don’t give up on that Baby Step 1 e-fund! Remember that even when it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels, everything you’re able to cash flow is one more thing you’re not going further into debt for. It may feel like it takes forever to get to $1,000, but once you’re there, you can really stay ahead of most of life’s little emergencies.


    1. Thank you Kyle! I started thinking about it after I wrote the post and I guess all of those things that popped up and drained our emergency fund we were able to pay for right away! That was a pretty good feeling to know that while we may still be working on building it, our little emergency fund is keeping those pesky emergencies away.

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