Going on a financial diet.

I really hate diets….

I want us to be successful in working towards paying off our debt so I am making it a point to find out as much as I can on the subject of personal finance and debt reduction.  Oh man, there is a TON of information out there on the subject! I read blogs, watch you tube videos, listen to audio books (I pretty much work out of my car) and have recently discovered Podcasts! While there are so many great sources out there to fill my empty mind with knowledge I have come to the realization that that personal finance and weight loss have a lot in common!

I know what you thinking…….Magan…WTH?….. Personal finance and weight loss are not the same at all. Well thank you Mr/Mrs smarty pants 🙂 As someone who is overweight (lifelong foodie here) I have spent countless hours listening/reading/watching just about everything out there on how to lose weight, and you know what? Everyone out there has some special recipe, tip, trick, advice, or sure fire way to lose weight (especially if they have done it already).  Don’t eat meat! Eat only meat! Lemon water only! Grapefruit diet! Atkins! Low carb! Calorie restriction! They all have different methods but the basic fundamentals are the same…. Eat less junk, eat more whole foods and move more. The worst part is that I know all of that! Everyone has heard it at some point in their life, whether from a doctor or a TV commercial, so why am I not doing it?!

As I spend more time learning about personal finance and debt reduction I see the similarities in that everyone has a special plan…(especially if they have done it already). There is TONS of advice out there about what to do first, what expenses to cut, needs vs wants, baby steps, debt snowballs, invest vs not investing…etc. But it seems to me that, just like weight loss advice, the basic fundamentals are the same… spend less, earn more money, no impulse buying, and make a budget.  This is where I really see the similarities with how I handle both weight loss and personal finance….I know all of these basic fundamentals….SO WHY AM I NOT DOING IT!!??

The magic pill

As I really start to look deep inside myself I know that, just like with my weight loss, I have always been secretly looking for the magic pill that will just make it all go away  with my putting in as little effort as possible and without me having to change my life style. It has taken a very long time but I think that it has finally sunk in that no one is going to fix this financial (or weight loss) mess for me, it’s going to be hard, it’s going to be uncomfortable, and it’s going to suck…..but I don’t have a choice! It’s definitely time for my family and I to get a little uncomfortable and change our habits and stop this over consuming life style that has gotten us know where except broke, in debt, and fat.

Over Consumption

I wonder if there is any doubt at all that we are so badly in debt and also overweight. My husband and I are the overweight ones; thankfully our kids have not followed in our footsteps, and I if I have my way never will! We clearly have a problem with over consumption, whether it is food or stuff, and it’s something I know that we both learned from our parents. We are taking the rest of this month (March 2017) to look at what expenses we can cut and then working on a budget in April….. so I guess if we are keeping with the weight loss theme that’s when we start our calorie counting J I am painfully aware that my husband and I have never stuck to s diet and exercise routine but I am hopeful that the discipline that we learn from cleaning up our finances will trickle over into other aspects of our lives! At least we won’t be eating out or buying snacks any more so that should help the ole’ waistline a bit 🙂

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